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Do you want to move here? Stop Complaining…

The people who complain about Indian can move here

Do you want to move here? Stop Complaining… August 23, 2021

Everyone has a right to have their own view/opinion

But surprisingly these days there is no news of great articles in the Washington Post, Quint, Wire, Guardian, etc.; about the great display of tolerance and exercise of human rights in Afghanistan.

Also no word/comments from intolerance brigade in India..!

May be all of them have surrendered their right to free speech for sometime..!

When PM Narendra Modi brought CAA to help Hindus and Sikhs in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh to come to Bharat; it is very same people who opposed it, claiming and fooling everyone that it’s a communal law.

Now one year later, when Afghanistan crumbles then the same people again attacking PM Modi asking him why you are not helping Hindus and Sikhs to come back and now they are also asking Muslims to come back.

Let me ask you one thing – Why Muslims are running away from Afghanistan?

They love Sharia, it is there..!

They love beef, it is there..!

They don’t want to sing Jana Gana Mana and Vande Matram, it is not there..!

You don’t believe in Murti Puja, you already destroyed every temple, it is not there..!

You love Burqa, it is there..!

You love Triple Talaq, it is there..!

Then why the hell do you want to run away from Taliban controlled Afghanistan?

These same intellectual communist cabal worked very hard to convince everyone that Trump is bad and Joe Biden is great but now they are all hiding

They will never take responsibility for fooling you time and again in the name of liberty, freedom, secularism, and feminism.

They brainwash the entire generation and when something like this happens, then they play the victim card. People need to see through these double standards.

Where are all the so-called advocates for Muslim rights as the greatest humanitarian crisis in recent times is unfolding in Afghanistan?

Where is Amir Khan? Does he still feel unsafe in India? Maybe he might feel safer in Afghanistan? and Javed Akhtar and Pappu and Owaisi?

Maybe they should send their women there to experience ‘true’ Muslim culture? And then hold a press conference or post some tweets.

Where are Greta and Rihanna?

Our so-called liberal and unbiased politicians shouted for the Rohingya refugees because the alleged perpetrators were non-Muslim.

Why are they not shouting for Muslim rights now?

Why is no Muslim country stepping up to save their Afghani Muslim brothers?

If you can’t walk the talk..! then SHUT UP..!